Spark to a Flame


Spark to a Flame

Spark to a Flame is a service of Alternative Worship for people of all ages. It is interactive and develops the theme of the month through Singing, Drama, Teaching, Bible Study, Art, Crafts, Cooking, Discussion, Meditation  and other activities.

It is held in the large Hall on the Third Sunday in the month at 10 am, the same time as the Sunday morning service in the Chapel.

The next service is TBC

These are summaries of recent services,

The Service typically  starts with worship songs as people arrive, followed by introduction and development of the theme through Bible Readings, Prayer, Interactive Teaching, Video Clips etc. Once the basis of the theme is established we we split into around 4 to 6 groups where adults and children can explore the theme in ways that are appropriate to their interests and needs. After around half an hour we meet together again for a time of worship bring together what we have learned and enabling us to take a clear mesage home with us. Often, dances, prayers, artwork, music etc.developed in the small groups are used during this part of he service.

So do come along as individuals and families and join in this time of fun, learning and worship together.